Paris in the rain is the best kind of Paris.

Paris in the rain is the best kind of Paris.

Paris in the rain is the best kind of Paris. Je voudrais aller à Paris bientôt.


Victory comes to those who wait (or some cliché like that)

So today the forecast called for rain. Me, thinking that meant a slight drizzle wore only a pair of high waisted jeans a crop top and long cardigan. Soon I would find the error in my ways. As I pulled up to my high school after the rigorous course the pouring rain laid out for my tiny little car, I was exasperated before 8:00 a.m.  The massive winds took all the rain from its vertical path to a complete horizontal angle, I could tell from my car that my outfit would most definitely be ruined. Sacrificing my leather jacket, I tied the hood tight around my head to save my freshly straightened hair. I was left with one choice, to make the 500 ft dart to the building’s doors and face the torrential down pour head on. Once I got into the school I realized my outfit was done for with my light wash jeans turned dark wash from all the moisture. I never thought I would be so happy to arrive to high school. 10 minutes later people started to walk into homeroom completely dry. I soon learned if I had waited in my car for 5 minutes longer….I would have been dry as well.

Just an average teenage girl, trying to be anything but average. Fashion is my safe haven, my escape, my sanctuary. Fashion allows the mind to try new things and express yourself like no other outlet. In a world where conforming to society is expected, fashion provides an alternative way of life.